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Brenda is a student of life, a seeker of truth. She has been on this journey of awakening and integration always. She has found excellent support with the teachings of The Crimson Council, Kryon, Lightworker and her all time favorite angel, Michael! But most of all in this lifetime, it has been her own family who has both inspired and prodded her to remember WHO she is and she has. Her greatest desire is to assist you, as YOU too make this very conscious choice to REMEMBER...

You Have a New Physical Skill Set

I truly love how quickly the confirmations come in now…thank YOU to another voice of Brenda :) You Have a New Physical Skill Set.

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HONK If You Made It!

Intense! Intense and chaotic old energies continue to release and I stand calm and unaffected in the center of the storm. Well, at least for some moments! It feels, of late, as though I am being battered beyond my capacity … Continue reading

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Today I “real e…

Today I “real eyes” more and more that I am my own sweet heart!  Lying on my belly in a hot yoga class, feeling the beating of my heart, I become aware of how it sits in the center of … Continue reading

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She’s accessing a new map

She's accessing a new map.

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The Other Eight Dimensions

The Other Eight Dimensions.

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Inner Body Vibrations, Ear Ringing & Head Pains

Originally posted on HighHeartLife:
Like it or not the Forerunners of the Forerunners are still having Ascension symptoms in 2014. Old symptoms, new symptoms, but Ascension related nonetheless. I’m not going to waste time or energy complaining about any of…

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Today I “real eyes” that I do remember; past lives, family lineage, does it matter? Today, I woke, knowing that I AM grateful ~ so grateful to be here, to be free, to be alive and in human form, here … Continue reading

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Free Downloads ~ with thanks to the Crimson Circle There are now so many free supports available for all who are choosing to awaken and are allowing their enlightenment :) These are a beautiful sample array. The monthly channels are … Continue reading

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“OWN your value…

“OWN your value, for YOU are beyond anything that you could possibly imagine!” ME Oct 24/13 Brenda Harley When you open to receive all that you are, you can come back to YOU in the truth and magnificence of your … Continue reading

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Happy Eclipse ALL! This is just way too good not to pass along, with thanks to the author Sarah Varcas.  “At the advent of this eclipse the heavens remind us that we each have the potential to live out the … Continue reading

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